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title: POuL
description: Politecnico Open unix Labs
title: "POuL"
description: "Politecnico Open unix Labs"
url: https://poul.org
url: "https://poul.org"
baseurl: ""
paginate_path: "events/page/:num/"
permalink: /:year/:month/:title/
static_domain: "https://static.poul.org"
permalink: "/:year/:month/:title/"
static_url: "https://static.poul.org"
markdown: kramdown
highlighter: rouge
......@@ -40,14 +40,14 @@ exclude:
- .bundle
telegram: poulpolimi
instagram: poul.polimi
facebook: poul.polimi
twitter: poul_polimi
github: Politecnico-Open-unix-Labs
youtube: POuLpolimi
rss: '/feed.xml'
email: https://list.poul.org/postorius/lists/mailinglist.poul.org/
telegram: "poulpolimi"
instagram: "poul.polimi"
facebook: "poul.polimi"
twitter: "poul_polimi"
github: "Politecnico-Open-unix-Labs"
youtube: "POuLpolimi"
rss: "/feed.xml"
email: "https://list.poul.org/postorius/lists/mailinglist.poul.org/"
sass_dir: assets/_sass
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