Verified Commit f70f6bf2 authored by Roberto Bochet's avatar Roberto Bochet
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Fixed submodules

parent 4c4c7c3e
......@@ -3,4 +3,7 @@
url = ../courses-data
[submodule "_posts"]
path = _posts
url = ../posts
url =
[submodule "_data/coding_gym"]
path = _data/coding_gym
url =
Subproject commit b2bd58a1e1522f9753a5c673cf80a33604aa1215
Subproject commit e48fd33d0b808bb0b9414eb6e42a0b6723b534ce
Subproject commit 7a061426e523b4b7d94988f6d5f5d7675777b668
Subproject commit 99c304552c94d47e234bf00fc3f07e9620f27670
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