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# ReadIT
ReadIT is a simple reddit image downloader, used to show a random image from a specified subreddit hot page.
It's written in python 2.7
### Dependencies
ReadIT requires [feh] and [praw]
### Thanks
Part of the code (expecially the display interface) is inspired by [fromchan] by [edne]
### Todos
- Add more arguments (like categories, multiple image fetching, multireddits )
- Ditch praw, using directly reddit APIs
- Informative output
- Possibly replace wget for something else to manage downloads
**Free Software, Hell Yeah!**
[//]: # (These are reference links used in the body of this note and get stripped out when the markdown processor does its job. There is no need to format nicely because it shouldn't be seen. Thanks SO -
[edne]: <>
[git-repo-url]: <>
[praw]: <>
[feh]: <>
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