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## What is Ansible?
Ansible is a declarative configuration managment tool
Strong points:
* Only Python and SSH need to be installed to have a machine
be controlled by Ansible
* Idempotent (multiple runs have the same result as one)
* Declarative/Stateless - what is on the config files dictates the end result
## What can you do with ansible?
* Maintain consistent configurations across machines
* Have all your machines have a set of installed packages
* Manage installation/upgrade of services in a reproducible way
## Basic ansible terms
* **inventory**: defines hosts and their grouping
* **playbook**: describes what operations to do on the hosts
* **task**: defines the single operation to execute
## Anatony of an inventory
## Anatomy of a task
name: "Install webserver"
name: lighttpd
state: latest
## Anatomy of a playbook
- hosts: webservers
remote_user: root
- name: install webserver
name: lighthttpd
state: latest
- name: start webserver
name: lighthttpd
state: started
enabled: yes
# Beyond the cloud
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