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......@@ -213,7 +213,7 @@ How do we connect to the internet?
## GPON (fiber)
## GPON (fiber)
< foto filo fibra >
......@@ -243,4 +243,58 @@ Some provides (eg. Eolo) use alternative transmission mediums,
usually these will have an ordinary ethernet cable attached
to a mundane wifi router
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# Deploying a FOSS router at home
## Materials needed:
* A device to interface with your internet
* Some ethernet cables (crimping tools recommended)
* A device with 2+ ethernet ports (1 works on some setups but don't)
* WiFi device
## Small digression: Modem Libero
At the end of 2018 the AGCOM (italian telecomunications agency) approved
a set of rules that force ISP to provide appropiate means to allow consumers
to choose their own router (ONT are still part of the ISP's network)
Obtaining the various settings for connecting to the ISP's network varies
by difficulty and amount of call centers you have to contact based on the ISP you pick
_(there was also a clause that allowed consumers to have a vendor-neutral firmware
at the end of the contract, but everyone seems to have forgotten about that)_
## Connecting to the ISP
There are 2 main ways in which you connect to ISPs
* PPPoE over VLAN: used by basically everyone
* DHCP over raw ethernet: used only by Fastweb
Obviously neither methods is within spec, both use some *slight*
change in protocol parameters, which may need some fiddling
## IPv6
Currently (April 2020), only 2 ISPs provide IPv6 connectivity
* Fastweb: via [6rd](
* Telecom Italia: via a separate PPPoE connection
However do note that both these tunnels might not support the full bandwidth
## What software to use?
* ppp for connecting to PPPoE
* Systemd-networkd for managing connections
(only network manager that supports most ISPs configurations fully)
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