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# Intro e outro dentro l'HTML
Il markdown contiene solo il contenuto.
Di base si possono fare le slide anche in HTML se si vogliono animazioni buffe.
This is a long dash -- made of two little dashes (`--`).
This dash is even longer --- and it is made of three little dashes (`---`).
"Quoting" is fun and easy. `"`Plain quoting`"` is ugly.
# Heading level 1
## Heading level 2
### Heading level 3
#### Heading level 4
There are **no** more heading levels.
<x-section-title>This is a section title</x-section-title>
If you want the section title in the top-right cornet
you can add **&lt;x-section-title&gt;title&lt;/x-section-title&gt;** in the slide
import sys
x = 1 + 2
if x > 2:
with open('/dev/null') as f:
except IOError:
raise Exception('Error!')
- Do you remember bullet list?
bullet_list = ["Do you remember bullet list?"]
- You can also allign code to bullet lists!
bullet_list.append("You can also allign code to bullet lists!")
- It's not too hard!
if not hard:
bullet_list.append("It's not too hard!")
\ No newline at end of file
<section class="intro">
<h1>Corsi Punto Croce 2018</h1>
<h2>Come fare gli orli</h2>
<img src="slides/img/android-logo.svg" />
<img src="./poul/img/logo-text-white.svg"/>
<h1>Corsi Android 2019</h1>
<p>Autore &lt;;</p>
<img src="./poul/img/logo-text-white.svg" />
<p>Davide Depau &lt;;</p>
......@@ -7,5 +7,5 @@
<img class="cc" src="./poul/img/creativecommons-by-nc-sa.svg"/>
<p>Autore &lt;;</p>
<p>Davide Depau &lt;;</p>
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