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Implemented courses page

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......@@ -3,8 +3,19 @@ layout: default
title: Corsi POuL
{% assign courses = | values %}
{% for course in courses %}
<a href="./{{course.course}}/">{{course.course}}</a>
{% endfor %}
<div class="container text-align-center">
<h2>POuL Courses</h2>
<p>The main activity that POuL does inside PoliMi is the organization of courses</p>
<div class="courses-list bg-blueish-gray">
{% assign courses = | values %}
{% for course in courses %}
<a class="no-decoration" href="./{{course.course}}/">
<div class="card bg-darker">
<div class="image"><img src="{{ course.logo | relative_url }}" alt="course logo"/></div>
<div class="description">{{ course.short_description }}</div>
{% endfor %}
\ No newline at end of file
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