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![preview Long Haul](/preview.jpg)
Long Haul is a minimal jekyll theme built with SASS / GULP / BROWSERSYNC / AUTOPREFIXER and focuses on long form blog posts. It is meant to be used as a starting point for a jekyll blog/website.
If you really enjoy Long Haul and want to give me credit somewhere on the internet send or tweet out your experience with Long Haul and tag me [@brianmaierjr](
#### [View Demo](
## Features
- Minimal, Type Focused Design
- SVG Social Icons
- Responsive Nav Menu
- XML Feed for RSS Readers
- Contact Form via Formspree
- 5 Post Loop with excerpt on Home Page
- Previous / Next Post Navigation
- Estimated Reading Time for posts
- Stylish Drop Cap on posts
- A Better Type Scale for all devices
## Setup
1. [Install Jekyll](
2. Fork the [Long Haul repo](
3. Clone it
4. [Install Bundler](
5. Run `bundle install`
6. Install gulp dependencies by running `npm install`
7. Run Jekyll and watch files by running `bundle exec gulp`
8. Customize and watch the magic happen!
Theme based on [Long Haul](
## Development
1. Install `npm` and Ruby `bundler`
2. Install development dependencies: `./`
3. Run development server: `./`
## Building
1. Ensure Sass files have been built properly: `npm run build-css`
1. Build Jekyll: `bundle exec jekyll build`
## Site Settings
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